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About Us

A New England kid by way of Uruguay meets a California girl by way of Mexico. They meet and fall in love at a place called Casanova.
Destiny or a self-fulfilling prophecy?

10 years, 6 cities, dozens of foster dogs, a pug named Sox and the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen begins to tell the tale of us; The Ibarra's.

In between is a lot of amazing memories, projects (some failures, some successes), awesome jobs and, most importantly, a lot of love.

We're currently on a new journey, you guessed it, in a new city and with a few interesting projects we're exploring. So stayed tuned for the website re-launch before end of year or contact us below if you're the anxious type.

Sneak Peek

Ok fine...you twisted our arm. Here's one of our recent projects we're excited about and will be a BIG part of our 2017. What started as a hobby became a business with a mission. Won't you help us Save the Elephants?

Gaja Love

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